Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Divergent Official Cast and Crew - So Far

Divergent Official Cast & Crew

Synopsis: Set in a futuristic dystopia, a teenager seeks to break free from her homogeneous society that divides people based on human traits. She leaves her faction and joins a rival group, where she falls for a young man. 

Release Date: March 21, 2014

Director: Neil Burger

Based on the novel by Veronica Roth

Screenplay: Evan Daugherty/Vanessa Taylor

Producer: Lucy Fisher
                 Douglas Wick


Shailene Woodley - Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Kate Winslet- Jeanine Matthews
Maggie Q - Tori
Zoe Kravitz - Christina
Ansel Elgort - Caleb Prior
Jai Courtney - Eric
Theo James - Four/Tobias Eaton
Miles Teller - Peter
Ben Lloyd-Hughes - Will
Ben Lamb - Edward
Christian Madsen - Al
Ray Stevenson - Marcus Eaton
Mekhi Phifer - Max
Amy Newbold - Molly
Ashley Judd - Natalie Prior
Tony Goldwyn - Andrew Prior
Justine Wachsberger - Lauren

Full Trailer
Official Stills
Faction Symbols

 Note: This page will be updated once official press announcements are announced.


Theo James???? Theo James???????????? Nunca, nunca, jamás nunca, lo habría imaginado a él en ese papel... bueno que tampoco a ella como Tris... Creo que me quedaré con el libro.

I don't think you have Ray Stevenson right. IMDb is showing Aaron Eckhart playing Andrew Prior. Maybe Stevenson is playing Marcus Eaton?

According to the report from LA TIMES http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-theo-james-to-star-as-four-in-divergent-20130311,0,6463856.story, Aaron Eckhart is considered for Marcus. IMDB can be edited by people who have pro accounts so don't put too much trust on it. Let's wait until official castings are announced.

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