Monday, October 22, 2012

Hunger Games' Alexander Ludwig Interested to Play Four in Divergent - He Had a Meeting with the Producer

Alexander Ludwig, the Canadian actor who played Cato in "The Hunger Games," has recently tweeted that he had a meeting with producer Douglas Wick for the role of Four (Tobias Eaton) in the film adaptation of Divergent, a novel by Veronica Roth.

Here is Alexander Ludwig's tweet (October 21, 2012):

According to, Alexander might have a chance to get the part because his father Harald Horst Ludwig is a co-chair for Lionsgate's board of directors. Divergent will be released by Summit Entertaintment, the same company which also released the Twilight Saga films. Summit was recently acquired by Lionsgate. 

My thoughts?

I think it would be biased for other actors if Alex will be chosen to play Four because of family ties. Alex is a good actor and I hope the casting people will not based an actor's ability to play the character because of family influence. Please bring justice to the casting process of Divergent. I will be happy (and I'm sure the rest of the fandom will) if Alexander will be chosen to play Four because the casting people see something in him, something that makes him our Four, not because he's the son of a co-chairman of Lionsgate's BOD!

In case you don't know, Alexander Ludwig has auditioned for the role of Peeta (Katniss' main love interest) in Lionsgate's "The Hunger Games" but he eventually got the role of Cato, one of the the antagonists in the story. So maybe, family ties won't interfere in the casting process. I hope not!


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