Saturday, November 10, 2012

Divergent Book 3 Rough Draft is Finished - Veronica Roth Expresses Her feelings Via Animated GIFs

Veronica Roth has just finished the rough draft of the last and still untitled book of her Divergent trilogy. On her Tumblr blog, the author was able to express her feelings upon finishing a rough draft of the book. By the way, Veronica has a mock title for her third book. She jokingly called it "Detergent." She also clarifies that the rumored Divergent book 3 title "Convergent" is not true. I guess let's just wait until the third book is out.  Here is her post:

So, I’m going to say something to you, but I’m going to preface it with these caveats:
A. Remember: this is just a tiny step in the giant staircase of book-making.
B. Book publishing is a long process, only a portion of which depends on me and my progress. See this post for clarification.
With that said: I finished the rough draft of book 3 on Saturday! And this is pretty much how my celebration went.
Stage One: Confusion
Wait. Did I just finish?

Stage Two: Tentative Excitement
I think perhaps I did.

Stage Three: Wild Flailing of Arms

Stage Four: Triumph and Pride

Stage Five: Reality Check
Wait, but there are so many things to fix.

Stage Six: Exasperated Sigh

Stage Seven: Coping
…I don’t have a gif for this. All I did was decide to take a few days off before tackling the first round of edits.
Wait, I do have another gif:
Bonus Stage: Realizing that for the next few weeks you are THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BOOK.

I’m sorry for gloating. (No I’m not.) (Yes I am.) (No I’m not.)
Now that Veronica is done with her GIFS.  Here how I am feeling:

Share your feelings in the comments!!

Indeed, book writing is a lengthy process but don't worry Miss V, a lot of fans are already eager to read it.  We are always here for you if you need inspiration.


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