Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shailene Woodley Talks About the Ideal Actor to Play Four in Divergent

This is a continuation to MTV's interview with Shailene Woodley at the Sundance Film Festival. This time the actress talked about who should play Four, a divergent and will be Tris' main love interest. Find out more below:

On finding Four:
"Dude, I want to find him. We have been doing some tests. We've been doing some auditions," Woodley said. "We'll see what happens. As of now, we have been scoping out the land. There are a few in particular — two guys — that I think are really great."

On the ideal guy who should play Four:

"The thing about Four is that he has to be a man. No feminine actors, please," she said. "You cannot walk in that room in pretty little boots and pretend you're a man. I'm sorry. You need to walk in there, and you need to not have muscles that look good and not actually work. There have been a few guys that have this power about them. It's a natural masculine power that some people have and some people don't. There's nothing good or bad or wrong or right about it. This character needs to be extremely masculine, and his eyes need to scream vulnerability and sensitivity. It's really hard to find in a dude, especially a dude who can act."

Screen testing with actors for Four:
"It's more just the chemistry between the two of us and seeing if we do have that chemistry or can work on that chemistry — seeing if our back-and-forth dialogue makes any sense with each other," she explained. "There's a lot of standards that have to be met."

On the challenge of playing Tris:
"I think that a big thing is just pretending that I live in that world. It's a world that's so different from today, but not really," she said. "Thinking of the dystopian world and living in different factions and not being allowed to express your multiple personalities. Being constricted to one thing is going to be the challenge."


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