Monday, April 8, 2013

Divergent Casting News: Max and Marcus Are Found

In a recent report from Inside Movies (Entertainment Weekly), Dauntless leader Max will be portrayed by Mekhi Phifer (ER, 8 Mile) and they also confirmed that Ray Stevenson (Thor, Rome)  will play Marcus, a representative from the Abnegation faction. SPOILER: Marcus will have a very important role in Four's life. If you have read the book then you already knew what I'm talking about.

The report also mentioned that filming for Divergent in Chicago is already happening. 

Mekhi Phifer will play Max

Ray Stevenson will play Marcus

NOTE: The report from LA Times about Ray Stevenson playing Andrew was not true after all. They must have mixed it up.Still we don't know if Aaron Eckhart will be part of Divergent. Rumor has it that he will probably play Andrew, Tris' father.


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