Friday, May 10, 2013

Veronica Roth Talks Divergent Movie Including the Script, Theo James and Shailene Woodley's Chemistry, and More

Veronica Roth was able to share some of her views and experiences with the movie adaptation of her book "Divergent." Thanks Hypable for sharing!

On the script:

“I’ve never read a script before. I was really impressed by how closely it stuck to the general plot line of the book,” she said when asked what her first reactions were. 

On seeing the characters come to life:

“It’s really interesting to see how the actual actor relationships reflect the character relationships. All the young initiates have a great comrade with each other.”

On the costume and sets:

“everyone seems really positive and pumped up and excited to figure out the details of this crazy world.”

on the characters and the actors playing them:

“I would be a little disappointed if it was exactly how I pictured [the characters] because there’s then no re-interpretation, no new discovery. What I was most concerned about when they were casting was finding actors who could capture the internal world of the characters as opposed to exactly matching the description that I wrote. And in that sense I think it’s been really amazing because when I was watching them act I was like, ‘Yes. This is the person, you did such a great job.’ So even with people I was on the fence with, I was really swayed – at least by the end of the day.” 

 On Director Neil Burger's vision:

“I was worried that the overall visual sense of the movie would be a little too futuristic/sexy? Like really sleek, shiny. That’s not the world of Divergent,” she told us. “Everything’s falling apart [in the book], and I think [Neil] definitely did that. The visuals I’ve seen have been in that vein, and that’s been really exciting.”

“Everything down to the little details that I saw have been so well thought out. Like, the philosophy of the world. He and I talked for hours – he asked me so many questions, things I never thought of. Like, ‘How’s commerce work in this particular faction?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know! Where were you when I was writing this?!’ So those conversations were really reassuring because he’s been so interested in every little thing.

On Shailene and Theo's chemistry:

While Roth admitted she was “definitely concerned” about the age gap between Woodley (21 years old) and James (28), once she saw them together she knew everything would be alright. “Seeing them all together, they definitely look younger than you think,” she told us. “I’m really happy with the maturity of the actors.” 

On Theo as Four and Maggie Q as Tori:

James’ age clearly didn’t affect Roth’s thoughts on his portrayal at all. Despite the 10 year age gap between the actor and character, he was Roth’s first pick when asked which star closest matched her vision. James was followed by Maggie Q who plays Tori. “I’ve seen her on Nikita. She’s a badass, she’s already Dauntless, it’s all there.”

 On Shailene as Tris:

“Shailene brings reality. Tris is an impetus 16 year old. She makes – she has kind of a harsh personality with some vulnerability. And I think all of the shades of what Tris is, is what Shailene is able to do. Just in very small moments too, they’re pretty subtle. Even though she’s not a tiny blonde girl, she just IS this character. She seems like a real person who’s actually having these struggles which has been – I wasn’t that surprised because I saw her in The Descendants, but.. I just didn’t think anyone would be able to do it because Tris is so dear to me.”


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