Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alexander Ludwig Won't be Four in Divergent - The Actor Confirmed Via Twitter

A couple of days ago, Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig has tweeted that he would be screen testing for Divergent. (Prior to that, he was very expressive on his interest to be part in Divergent). However, his tweet doesn't specify any role. Now, Perez Hilton has asked the actor via Twitter if he will play the coveted role of Four in Divergent. Alexander replied the tweet with a "no." Adding that his case was similar to what had happened to him in The Hunger Games. In case you don't know, Alexander Ludwig first auditioned for the role of Peeta, however, the role was given to Josh Hutcherson but he was given the role of Cato and accepted it.

I think Alexander Ludwig will perfectly fit as Peter in Divergent, what do you think?


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