Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kate Winslet is Indeed Jeanine Matthews in Divergent (Official & Confirmed)

People from Summit has confirmed few weeks ago that Kate Winslet is on board for the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth's book Divergent, however, the role was not stated. A lot have speculated that she might get the part of Jeanine while others think she could play Tris' mother. Now, to shut the rumor mill and guesses, Veronica Roth confirmed on her blog that she will play Jeanine Matthews, the leader of the faction Erudite. She will make Tris' life miserable, really!

Kate Winslet

So what do you think of Kate Winslet as Jeanine? For me, when I first heard about having Kate Winslet on the Divergent, I automatically pictured her as Jeanine. There's something intimidating about her. I saw her in Titanic and she's doing great. I know she totally pull it off.


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